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Your workplace bloodsucker survival tools! 

Everyone's got someone at work that sucks the life out of them. A coworker who drains your will to live with daily tantrums or that half-witted boss who plagues you with inane assignments. Strike back before these fangy fiends can sink their teeth into you with Your Guide to Spotting and Outing Bloodsuckers at Work and Count Fasttraculathe original corporate ladder-climber. Individually or together, these survival tools will get vampires off your neck and out of your life for good!

Bat with a Briefcase, Vampire Story, Plush Toy in Tustin, CA

Bats, Vampire Story, Plush Toy in Tustin, CA

Get Your Guide to Spotting and
Outing Bloodsuckers at Work
Get Count Fasttracula

Vampires are EVERYWHERE!

Get the book that will protect you from pesky vampires at work and exercise your "punny" bone by unearthing the monstrously hilarious secret code words to OUT and RID yourself of neck-nibblers before they can sink their teeth into you.

Does that cheeky plumber
you just let in your house
have designs on draining
your pipes and your veins? Protect yourself. Know the secret code word.

24 pages, illustrated, 8.5" x 8.5" 



We've identified 12 of the worst of the working dead. 

11" X 17" 

All 3 for $10


Count Fasttrakula—the original corporate ladder climberis not only adorably wicked, but he also acts as vampire REPELLENT. One glance at his vampirey leer and fangy smirk tells neck-nibblers that you're on to them. Just put one on your desk at work  and vampires will steer clear.

He's also the perfect gift for ANYONE looking to avoid a nasty bite.

(Actual size: 7" of plushy protection.)